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High Brothers Hair Sheep Production Sale

Friday, September 6, 2019 @ 6:30 PM


Selling 130+ hd. White Dorper and Dorper X Sheep

16 hd. 1 - 3 year old White Dorper ewes, bred to lamb in October

Ewes are bred to the Lewis White Dorper ram (vet checked)

52 hd. 1-3 year old White Dorper ewes exposed for January

Ewes are running with the Lewis ram and a Fat Head son

29 hd. 1-3 year old Kahtahdin Dorper X ewes exposed for January, running with Butch (fat head son)

25 hd. Kahtahdin Dorper X April ewe lambs, not exposed

2 hd White Dorper January ram lambs

2hd March ram lambs

6 hd April & May White Dorper and Dorper ram lambs

This will be a nice offering of mostly home raised stock.

Also selling a complete sheep working setup which includes: 1- turntable chute, 3 - sections of alley way, 1 - 180 degree tub, 1 - palpation cage, 1 - sort gate, 4 - stop gates, complete set up ready to use (see photos below)

For sale details contact Kris High 660-342-8634

For stock info contact Randy High 660-216-0515, Brent High 660-216-7687, Clair High 660-341-1687

Sale will be held at the High Auction facility, 15897 Kelso Ave. Downing MO 63536

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