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Spring Consignment Auction, Downing MO

This sale has been postponed until May 29

Our annual Spring Consignment Auction will be held March 27, 2020 at our auction facilities in Downing. Call Kris @ 660-342-8634 to have your consignments added to our growing listing, deadline for cosigning items is March 25. This is a partial listing, much more is expected by sale day.

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Amos Borntrager Auction, Murray IA

This sale has been postponed until a later date.

Folks this will be an interesting auction with much more than this bill reflects. Because of the tight quarters in which the items are stored prevented us to see and take pictures of much of the sale items. Expect to find many unique items here.

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This sale has been postpned until May 22, 2020

Gohn Land Auction, Bloomfield IA

The Gohns will be relocating and offering this listing for purchase. The 40 acre farm featuring a house, barn, and shed has unlimited potential and has a great location. Contact us for further info. Hope to see you there!

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